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Santa Monica Seafood Featured Chef of the Month | December 2015

Chef Ben Diaz Born in Los Angeles, Executive Chef Ben Diaz has always had a fascination with cooking, which stemmed from watching his father (an accomplished chef himself) in the kitchen. “Watching my dad cook breakfast and seeing the passion he had for his craft really inspired me, ” says Chef Diaz. A graduate of France’s prestigious Le Cordon Bleu, he is also a coveted freelance chef and consultant who has been inducted into the Cambridge “Who’s Who of Culinary Professionals.” He holds six certifications, including Master Certified Food Executive and Certified Food and Beverage Executive, and has worked alongside the world’s top ...

Sushi Wrap

A unique CBD version of a sushi wrap, expertly prepared by Chef Ben Diaz.

Pumpkin Soup

A delicious pumpkin soup with bacon from the kitchen of Chef Ben Diaz.

Shrimp Appetizer

Custom created shrimp appetizer treats by CBD Cuisine and Catering.

Mussels with Pasta

Garlic infused seafood mussels full of flavor prepared by Chef Ben Diaz.

Carrot Cake

Amazing carrot cake from Chef Ben Diaz from CBD Cuisine and Catering.

Tomato Soup

Simple home cooking at it's best. A savory tomato soup with a homemade grilled cheese sandwich.

Pork on Beans

Chef Ben Diaz's own version of a pork on garbanzo beans dish.

Sousvide Chops

60 hour slow cooked Sousvide chops entree by CBD Cuisine and Catering.

Roast with Watermelon

An expertly crafted roast with cucumber and watermelon bits from Chef Ben Diaz.