From A Cook To A Professional Chef By Ben Diaz

From a Cook to a Professional Chef Cookbook

The Home Cook Knows Best presents a creative and vivid collection of recipes for both the home cook and those aspiring to be professional chefs, along with detailed reference sections useful for chefs of all skill levels. In this extensive compilation, author and Chef Ben Diaz, a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, shares both cooking knowledge and recipes. The introductory section includes a thorough examination of cooking fundamentals, including tips on sanitation and food handling, conversion specifications, types of kitchen cutlery and knife cuts.

This is followed by detailed information about selecting and preparing produce, meat and seafood. The recipe portion includes sections for appetizers, soups and salads, sauces, entrees and desserts. Some of the offerings include orzo mac and cheese, red bell pepper pancakes, Thai paella, Argentinian lentil soup and Sicilian ragu. If you love to cook and intrigued by the wonder forms of food, then this book is for you; you will learn the tricks of the trade that will enhance your skills in the kitchen and help you learn to prepare the kind of exquisite dishes that any chef would be proud to serve!

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Epices de la Vie Gourmet Salts & Spices

Epices De La Vie Gourmet Spice Blends & Specialty Salt’s

Epices De La Vie LLC. is a chef owned company that was created by our founder Ben Diaz an award winning chef with 15 years of culinary experience. As a 3rd generation chef, Ben brings a lot to the table having worked for some of the biggest names in the industry chef Ben has built a stellar reputation based on quality, result and guest satisfaction.

We have spent the last 5 years in search of perfection and creating proprietary blends that meet the highest quality possible for fresh ingredients. We have worked with various chef’s spanning over 15 kitchen’s across the nation to create our signature brands.

Working close with our local distributors we have created an award winning formula. For years, we have serviced the food service and professional aspect of the culinary world and now we bring these same great and inspiring ingredient into your kitchen; whether you’re a professional chef, home cook or just an enthusiast then these specialty salts and gourmet blends are for you. They make a great addition to any pantry, from our founders kitchen to yours. Bon Appetite!

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CBD Cuisine Chef Apparel

CBD Cuisine Chef Hats & Kitchen Apparel

CBD Cuisine offers custom embroidered apparel hats and shirts, as well as other uniquely designed chef coats and aprons. Our styles are unique with the CBD logo branded on them and the overall quality is second to none!

Make a presence in your kitchen and represent CBD while you’re at it! Our apparel is quality made here in the USA and showcases our logo and brand insignia. We can help assist you with custom chef coat and apron designs as well as manufacturing and ordering. We provide all services from A-Z in the culinary industry and will direct you to the proper channel for whatever it is you need for your restaurant or establishment. We are here to exceed your expectations and look forward to providing you with our full support.

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