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“Chef Ben is a wonderful and insightful culinarian.” - - Patti Curfman CEC / Owner Patti Cakes, Inc.     
“Ben Diaz has the talent, skill and passion that is the foundation for a successful professional chef. He is a culinary visionary who is generous with his time and knowledge.” - - Matt Aston / Executive Culinary Recruiter     
“Textbook quality and excellent presentation skills. For a competitive industry, Chef Ben really stands out!” - - Chris Driscoll / Street Food On The Go     
“Chef Ben Diaz is the heritage of classic chef teamed with the innovative thinking that delivers a better bottom line and whole operations management.” - - Alex Forsythe / CEO Environmental Chef Services     
“As President of the Chef De Cuisine Association of California I see the use of this wonderful salt being used by many up and coming young chefs to stir up the variety on meals and give them a flavorful culinary edge.” - - Robert Phillips CEC CCA / President Chefs De Cuisine Association of California     
“Excellent talent and ability. Chef Ben has got things handled professionally when we call. He’s got the skills for the job!” - - Matt Holden / The Food Squad     